A workspace is a professionally managed space that integrates the technological requirements and services to the working space. The best, easiest and the most affordable solution for companies, enterprises, SME’s, micro SME’s, freelancers, self-employed, etc. can develop their activity.


1. Foster collaboration amongst partners

2. Seal collaboration deals with institutions and organisms who favor the development of flexible working spaces

3. Close agreements with providers, presenting advantages, benefits and discounts to the other associated spaces, through their purchase center

4. Offer tools for the professional development of their associated spaces

5. Encourage and diffuse the advantages of the services offered at the flexible working spaces

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PROWORKSPACES: Business Center Association and other Working Spaces

ProWorkSpaces is the only non-profit association that represents the working-spaces field and it is the reference point for national and territorial governments and administrations.

ProWorkSpaces is composed by 160 different working spaces around Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Miami.

Our main mission is to promote, diffuse and professionalize the field, offering support and guidance to the other associated spaces, while establishing the field’s quality and normalization standards.


ProWorkSpaces was founded in 1993 as The Asociación de Centros de Negocios (ACN) and in 2016, because of economy changes and new ways of working, it was renamed ProWorkSpaces, but always keeping same DNA and mission.

Our Association has important institutional representation at the highest of levels since its integrated in the CEOE and in CEPYME, where it also participates as part of the board of directors. Furthermore, our Association is founder and promoter of the European Confederation of Business Centre Associations (EuroCBCA). This means that all the working spaces from Workspaces are part of a network comprised by 2000 business centers throughout Europe.
We have many major milestones throughout our history, including:
-Certification and Categorization of the field with Tüv Rheinland
– CNAE code creation
– Agreement with AEAT