What is the certification and categorization of the Workspace?

The Certification and Categorization of the flexible working spaces arises from the Association’s commitment with the field and its users, with the purpose of creating standards that will differentiate and regulate the particularities and specializations of our activities against other less professional alternatives
On the one hand, the Certification allows to identify the professional work spaces, against other limited alternatives, and on the other hand the Categorization allows to classify with stars (like hotels) in function of different criteria such as spaces, services, technologies, etc.

How to recognize a Certified and Classified Center?

Through our exclusive registered trademark. Only those working spaces associated to ProWorkSpaces and who have successfully completed Tüv Rheinland’s external audit may use and exhibit our trademarks and corresponding stars

Who guarantees this process?

This process is promoted and backed by ProWorkSpaces and Tüv Rheinland adds value and objectivity by performing independent external audits.

Why this process?

Because it was a priority for the Association to be able to offer valuable tools that would “add value” and provide “audited professional standards” of the given services to the associated working spaces; additionally, to the users of our spaces, be able to offer guidelines that would point them in the right direction when it comes to decision making


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